Sam Hing Scales Factory was established prior to the Second World War. It was taken over by my grandfather in 1941-1942 and is now being operated by the third generation of the family.

My grandfather was born in poor village in Nanhai, Guangdong. His family was being torn apart due to poverty. His mother passed away when he was a child, and his father was an opium addict. To make things worse for him, his younger sister was sold to someone in Xiangzhou, Guangxi. To eke out a living, my grandfather at his teenage moved to Guangzhou and became an apprentice, learning to make wooden steelyards to resolve hunger issues.

 It was a difficult and rough time, and my grandfather suffered a lot a hardship during the apprenticeship. His hands got injured quite often as he was tasked with engraving copper pointers onto wooden steelyards as well as craving the wooden steelyards to the required shape and thickness. With tears in his eyes, my grandfather kept wondering why he had such a miserable life. However, it was also due to his unfortunate upbringing that motivated my grandfather to work really hard in the hope that he could complete his apprenticeship earlier, so he could start earning money, and re-union with his younger sister again. (Note that the apprenticeship was unpaid, but my grandfather was provided with food and accommodation and also given red pockets and a new set of clothing every Chinese New Year.)

After around 2-3 years, on the night of Chinese New Year eve, his master gave him a large and last red pocket and told him to leave as he had already completed his apprenticeship. My grandfather was shocked on hearing this news, as he would be on his own henceforth. As the overall situation in China was becoming increasingly unstable due to Japanese occupation, my grandfather knew that life must go on; hence, he made the decision to relocate to Hong Kong between 1936-1937. He was adamant at the time to have his own business.

After arriving in Hong Kong, my grandfather rented a cage home at Nathan Road. He would make the wooden steelyards at night and try to sell them during the day in Kowloon Walled City. Time was difficult. As time gone by, he was fortunate enough to have survived the Second World War.

Sam Hing Scales Factory was setup by three partners before the Second World War. The word ‘Hing’ in the business name literally means prosperity. Unfortunately, one of the partners died during the war. The other two partners also decided not to continue on with the business. As my grandfather knew one of those two partners, he took over the business in 1941-1942. 

Even though my grandfather had formally taken over the business, the establishment and transfer of the business was without formal record/registration during those chaotic times. Yet, the only proof my grandfather had of owning the business was his declaration on my father’s birth certificate as a “Weight Dealer” in 1947 at his aged of 23.

Upon the retirement of my grandfather, the business was managed by my father and one of my uncles during the period of 1970s – 2015. My father started working at Sam Hing Scales Factory at the age of 14. As the eldest son, my father followed my grandfather’s order to help out in this family business without finishing school. (During that era, eldest son of the households was commonly expected to place family over individual interest). My uncle finished his polytechnic studies before joining the business. Because of his relevant skills and education, Sam Hing Scales Factory was able to contribute to the golden age of the Hong Kong manufacturing industry.

Following the retirement of my father and uncle, the business is now being operated by the third generation of the family. Over the decades, Sam Hing Scales Factory has followed in my grandfather’s footsteps, operating with a hard-working and low-profile attitude. It is the same for the third generation. We never claim we are in the leadership position in this industry, let alone accusing other company of infringing our trademarks. Our primarily goal is to keep up with the times for offering different weight scales products and solutions satisfied customers’ business needs. No matter whether handcrafted wooden steelyards before the Second World War, to mechanical weight scales during the 1970s or online database-linked digital weight scales of today, Sam Hing Scales Factory continues to focus on providing customers with the weight scales that best suit their business needs and commits to improve customer support and satisfaction.

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